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Sensfy was formed as a spinoff from a larger environmental testing company to fully focus its attention on providing Coronavirus (COVID-19) air and surface testing products and services.  Our experts have taken their decades-long experience designing and manufacturing testing instruments and operating a NELAP-Accredited laboratory to address today’s most critical challenges. 

We applied our knowledge and expertise in environmental testing equipment, sampling techniques, and methods to produce simple kits that anyone can use, even without any prior know-how or experience.  With the understanding that testing has only limited benefits without fast results, our laboratory offers same-day or next-day analysis to all our individual and commercial customers to allow for quick decision-making and action.

The idea to provide these products and services came to us as we were contemplating the same challenges faced by people all over the world.  How will our kids go back to school?  How do we stay safe at work?  What can we do to protect our loved ones in retirement homes?  How should we react if notified of potential exposure to the virus? 

With the awareness that we can contribute a unique perspective and set of skills to answer these questions, we decided to put our ingenuity to work and do our part to offer tools to help meet these challenges.